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The Global Food Supply Challenge: Why Wood Could Hold the Key

By January 15, 2019February 5th, 2019White Papers

In the search for new resources to help bridge the protein supply-demand gap, much of the focus has centered on a two-sided question. How to increase protein production while also addressing sustainability challenges? How can we produce more food using less resources and reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment?

Technology is poised to play an increasingly important role in meeting protein supply-demand needs as market requirements continue to evolve and expand. New single-cell-based protein solutions offer promising ingredients for feed formulators, farmers and, ultimately, end consumers, bridging the gap between agronomy and industry and opening up the door to a new era of renewable resources that can be utilized to meet market demands head-on.

Ricardo Ekmay, PhD, Arbiom’s Animal Nutrition Director, explores the promising potential of single-cell protein as one solution to the global challenge of safely and sustainably feeding the future.