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Aquaculture is expanding worldwide, and with it, the need to find new sources of high-quality proteins to replace or complete existing conventional solutions in formulated feeds. SylPro has demonstrated its potential in aquafeed (salmons, rainbow trout, hybrid striped bass, sea bream…) as a replacement of traditional proteins like fish meal or plant-based diets to maintain or even improve fish performance, while being sustainable.

High crude protein content

Blanced essential amino acid profile

Class-leading digestibility

Supports gut health
Plant-based diet
No anti-nutritional factors
Natural and sustainable
Well suited for extrusion
Heat stable
Improves pellet quality

SylPro has been extensively tested in aquafeed applications. For more information on our growth performance trials, or digestibility trials in Atlantic salmon, Rainbow trout, Sea Bream and Hybrid striped bass, please contact our team.

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