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There is an increasing need for new sources of high-quality, sustainable proteins. SylPro®, an innovative single-cell protein, is an efficient nutritional alternative for feed applications.


High protein content

Balanced essential amino acid profile

Class leading digestibility

Contains functional fibres


Highly palatable

Gut-health support

Microbiome modulator

Improves epithelial cell membrane


Low carbon footprint

Feedstock flexibility

Reduces effluents and pollutants

Effective replacement of conventional proteins


Security of supply


Consistent product

Purpose grown

SylPro is safe, entirely natural, and non-GMO. It is well suited to premium feed quality requirements. SylPro has been tested within petfood, feed for salmonids and other aqua species, as well as weanling piglets feed with positive results in terms of performance and acceptance.

SylPro is globally approved for use in animal nutrition.