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Amélie Drouault

Yusto, The next generation of protein ingredient

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Arbiom unveils Yusto, its new brand name dedicated to food. Yusto offers both high nutritional quality, taste and well-being to food manufacturers and consumers to nourish people sustainably.

By mastering the art of fermentation, Arbiom is shaping the next generation protein ingredients with a unique yeast ingredient: Yusto. It has been designed to sublimate all types of foods such as animal free meat and dairy products, snacks, sauces, and specialized nutrition products.


To discover all the benefits of Yusto, read the complete press release: here

Cat food palatability: Enhancing taste and nutrition with yeast

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Our cat friends are known to be particularly sensitive to the palatability of their food. This is one pillar of cat food development, complementary to optimal nutrition, overall well-being and feeding behaviors.

Cat food manufacturers are well aware of this palatability challenge, and align their products with feline preferences. In this quest, yeast – and Torula yeast in particular – appears to be a formidable ally as both a nutritional, tasty and healthy ingredient for cat food formulation.

At a time when the link between sustainability and diet is paramount, the inclusion of SylPro, Arbiom’s Torula yeast-based ingredient, may help to cover palatability, high protein content and sustainable sourcing in cat food.


To read the complete white paper about cat food palatability: click here

Positive European consumer feedback on yeast-based foods

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  • Arbiom masters the art of creating high quality, taste, and well-being through fermentation to nourish people sustainably.
  • European consumers who tasted yeast-based foods formulated with Arbiom ingredients share positive feedback:
    • More than 70% of German and Swedish consumers like vegan spreads made with 13% Arbiom ingredient inclusion.
    • 68% of UK consumers are willing to buy salmon fed with SylPro® and find it as tasty as salmon fed with a standard diet.


Paris, France, Aug 29th, 2023. Arbiom, partner of the European NextGenProteins consortium, announces positive consumer feedback on foods developed with SylPro®, its yeast-based protein ingredient. Arbiom is mastering the art of creating quality, taste, and well-being through fermentation to offer best-in-class ingredients for next generation foods. Its protein-rich ingredient is suitable for a large variety of products such as meat analogs, cheese analogs, spreads and sauces, and specialized nutrition including elderly and sports nutrition.


To read the full press release, please click here

ARBIOM led consortium is awarded a €14 million funding for SYLPLANT project to support its industrial deployment in France

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  • €14 million European grant of private-public partnership “Circular Bio-based Europe – Joint Undertaking”
  • Construction and operation of Arbiom’s first plant in France with support of the entire value chain

Paris, France, June 6th , 2023.

Arbiom, an agricultural-biotech company developing solutions to deliver next generation protein ingredients, announced today the kick-off of SYLPLANT project. This European collaborative project gathers 17 partners covering the entire food and feed value chains from feedstock manufacturers to retailers. It is co-funded by the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU), a public-private partnership between the European Commission and the Bio-based Industries Consortium. SYLPLANT is built on the success of Sylfeed, a 4-year project funded by the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (predecessor of CBE JU) where Arbiom successfully scaled-up its technology and validated the performance of SylPro®, its flagship ingredient. “This factory paves the way to Arbiom’s industrial deployment. It will bring 10.000 tons/year of alternative, highly nutritional and sustainable protein to the market to answer the future food needs.” said Marc CHEVREL, CEO of Arbiom.

As part of SYLPLANT, the consortium will work on the sequent objectives for the next three years:

  • Constructing & operating Arbiom’s first plant in France to reach 10,000 ton per year of ingredient production.
  • Validating the use of SylPro® in feed applications including aquafeed and petfood and gathering consumer insights.
  • Developing the next generation of foods such as cheese analogs, meat-analogs, and specialized nutrition products with Arbiom’s ingredient.

To read the Full press release, please Click here

Arbiom SylPro® inclusion in petfood significantly improves nutritional status of dogs

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Paris, France, Durham, NC – April 27th, 2023: Arbiom, an agricultural-biotechnology company developing solutions to deliver next generation protein ingredients, announced today the results of a new scientific study evaluating its high-quality and sustainable alternative protein ingredient SylPro® for use in petfood. The study was conducted at Four Rivers Kennel, a leading US independent facility for minimally invasive canine nutrition research and dog feeding trials. The aim of the study was to evaluate the functional performance of SylPro inclusion in the diets of adult dogs suffering from chronical loose stools.

The study results indicate that the inclusion of SylPro, in substitution to chicken meal, improved nutrient digestibility, particularly protein, among dogs with chronically loose stools. Further analysis of inflammatory biomarkers demonstrated evidence of reduced intestine inflammation for dogs fed with the SylPro diet. “The impact of loose stools goes beyond a mere nuisance and can impact the nutritional status and well-being of a dog. The improvement to nutrient digestibility in dogs with loose stools when fed a SylPro-based diet is an important finding and may prove to be a critical strategy towards improving the nutritional plane of adult dogs” said Dr. Ricardo Ekmay, Senior Vice President of Nutrition and Product Development at Arbiom.

In addition, the study showed that inclusion of SylPro reduced feed rejection in dogs with loose stools.  “SylPro has shown to be a highly palatable protein product in pet food applications. This research provides evidence that the high level of palatability extends to situations when food intake is often impacted.” He added.

SylPro is an ideal ingredient for healthy pet nutrition, as demonstrated by several trials in dogs and cats highlighting excellent digestibility and palatability. “Consistent with previous trials, the results of this study further demonstrate the benefits of SylPro in petfood as a nutritional and functional protein source” said Amélie Drouault, VP of Business Development.

Arbiom will attend Petfood Forum in Kansas City (May 1-3) and will feature SylPro at Zoomark International in Bologna (May 15-17).

To read the entire press release, click here