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Positive European consumer feedback on yeast-based foods

By August 31, 2023Press Releases


  • Arbiom masters the art of creating high quality, taste, and well-being through fermentation to nourish people sustainably.
  • European consumers who tasted yeast-based foods formulated with Arbiom ingredients share positive feedback:
    • More than 70% of German and Swedish consumers like vegan spreads made with 13% Arbiom ingredient inclusion.
    • 68% of UK consumers are willing to buy salmon fed with SylPro® and find it as tasty as salmon fed with a standard diet.


Paris, France, Aug 29th, 2023. Arbiom, partner of the European NextGenProteins consortium, announces positive consumer feedback on foods developed with SylPro®, its yeast-based protein ingredient. Arbiom is mastering the art of creating quality, taste, and well-being through fermentation to offer best-in-class ingredients for next generation foods. Its protein-rich ingredient is suitable for a large variety of products such as meat analogs, cheese analogs, spreads and sauces, and specialized nutrition including elderly and sports nutrition.


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