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October 2020

Arbiom achieves milestone in scale-up of Wood-to-Food Technology

By Press Releases

Biotechnology pioneer achieves continuous process operations in demonstration program

Paris, France – October 7, 2020 – Arbiom today announced that it has successfully achieved a critical step in its Demonstration Program by completing continuous, stable operation of its fermentation technology over a seven-day period without contamination or product quality issues.

“We are very pleased to have achieved this latest advancement in commercialization of Arbiom’s technology, with continuous operation and stable, robust process performance, at Demonstration-scale,” said Marc Chevrel, Arbiom CEO.

Creating a Sustainable Nutritional Food Supply for the Health of People and the Planet

By White Papers

White Paper: Revolutionizing a Sustainable, Nutritional Protein Source for Future Health of People and the Planet

The pandemic has added fuel to an already growing hunger crisis, and it has become explicitly clear that our food system must evolve to meet global challenges in a way that serves the greater health of both people and the planet.

Arbiom’s latest White Paper explores how innovation in protein production holds the potential to create long-term solutions to sustainably feed future generations in the face of resource shortages, biodiversity loss, and climate change.

To combat these challenges, innovators in the space are looking for renewable, readily available resources that have not historically been a part of the food supply chain. Wood represents one of the most promising sources of renewable, sustainable food and materials for future generations, especially in light of expanding forest lands, sustainable forest management practices, and the forest products industry’s integrated supply chain.

Arbiom is commercializing technology to transform wood waste and residues into a sustainable, natural, and nutritional protein ingredient: SylPro®.